Who Lie pass?

Who Lie pass?

Please among these girls who lie pass?????
1. Bukola says…. Waiter please I like my salad hot, also can I have 2 bottles of shawarma?????
2. Olaide says…. my friend, give me ur BB PIN let me call you.
3. Temiloluwa says…. I’m so tired; I just made my hair at shop-rite.
4. Funke replies….. Really? I wanted to spend my summer in London this xmas period.
5. Yetunde explains….. I just bought my BB but I haven’t collected the PIN.
6. Olamide brags….. When I’m flying I always like the window seat because I
open it for fresh air.
7. Busayo says….. I prefer London to UK during winter.
8. Lola says….. Hmmmm….. You can’t imagine, I just bought a G- string and the part I like most is the back pocket.
9. Bunmi orders….. Please if you don’t have meat-pies, doughnuts or scotch eggs, just give me snacks.
10. Bose laments….. In our house eh, we used to have 3 pools untill armed robbers stole one.
Plz who lie pass?


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