9ice finally makes nollywood debut.

9ice finally makes nollywood debut.

Nigerian singer Abolore Adegbola Akande, aka 9ice, is gradually considering acting as a second career, as he takes the lead role in Laide Bakare‘s new flick ‘Jejere‘ (Tumour).

According to Bakare, ‘The film, which is produced by Sim Line International, is about an African hero that saved his environment‘.

In the film, which was shot in three weeks, 9ice plays a husband and father.

9ice spoke with NET about his role; ‘I played Dele, who had a bad experience in his first marriage [with] the sudden demise of his wife and he was left alone to cater for his little daughter‘.

The ‘Gongo Aso’ singer said the challenges were quite different from what he’s been through in the music industry, but that he enjoyed the experience. ‘I learnt a whole lot; most importantly the cast on set becomes a unified entity after several days on set together and I’m sure that’s why we have some level of commitment, togetherness, decency and respect in the acting sector of our entertainment industry‘.

‘Being the first time on set, I have to act, cry when nothing is actually wrong with me, laugh when nothing is really funny. I also have to depict this character in the presence of others. It is a privilege to be part of ‘Jejere’ and I look forward to the premiere‘ he continued.

When asked if he would like to take on acting as a new career, 9ice said ‘If the pay is right with good content and the standard is on point, why not?’

Other actors in the movie include Emeka Ike, Oby Alex O, Fathia Balogun, Akin Lewis, Ebun Oloyede, and Bakare herself

When released, the movie will be premiered in several Nigerian cities.


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