BBA Update: Zainab wants to have sex

BBA Update: Zainab wants to have sex

After Sierra Leone’s representative, Zainab, surprised viewers, by going bald for a challenge, she dropped another shocker, yesterday, Thursday, May 24, 2012 when she confessed to Biggie, about her desire to have sex.

During her session in the diary room, Biggie asked what she would rather be doing, and she answered, ‘I really wanna have sex. I’ll rather be having sex right now. It’s been three weeks and its making me crazy… I’m going nuts‘.

Biggie asked further, what the lack of sex has caused her, and she answered ‘I think I stand to get bored of not having sex…so I start with flirting some of the guys…I have started with three guys in the house and it’s a safe way to start‘.

The 26 year old became the most recent addition to the posh Upville when she emerged the only survivor in the last eviction on Sunday, May 20


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