I have concrete evidence that president Jonathan sponsored ‘independence day bombing’- Henry Okah

I have concrete evidence that president Jonathan sponsored 'independence day bombing'- Henry Okah

ABOUT a fortnight after the Presidency denied any deal with him, detained Movement for the
Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) leader Henry Okah yesterday said he has text messages and letters to back his allegations that Jonathan sponsored the October 1st bombing in Abuja.

Besides, Okah said he is not on trial, but that the South African government and its justice system are being tested.

The MEND chief has been detained in a South African prison since October 2, 2010.
The MEND leader, who denied any link with any terror group, said the evidence will be presented to the South African court for his bail application.

The MEND leader added: “Regarding my affidavit,
anyone who knows me will confirm that I do not say things I cannot prove. Everything in my affidavit is supported by physical evidence, such as text messages, letters etc., quite unlike the bogus claims of the Nigerian and South African governments’’.

He continued, “Most evidence in my possession will be presented at my upcoming bail application so the Nigerian government does not have to wait till October 1 to meet me in court.

I’ m a soldier forjustice, not just to the people of the Niger Delta, but to all oppressed persons wherever I may be able to help’’.

The Question, what is he waiting for if he truely have the evidence?


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