Mampi Kicked out of BBA Stargame.

Mampi Kicked out of BBA Stargame.

Mampi is the first Upville housemate to leave
Some few hours ago, the first Upville housemate was evicted. It had been a stressful seven days since Mampi, Lady May and Maneta were nominated but it was the Zambian representative Mampi that was chosen.

The show kicked off with a performance by Tanzanian hip-hop artist, Diamond. IK then called the trio – Mampi, Lady May and Maneta out. Lady May showed a sign of relief when show host IK told her she ‘was safe’, leaving Maneta and Mampi standing side by side.

The tension was at its peak when IK told Maneta she was also safe and at that moment, Mampi knew she was the one leaving. She gave the rest of the Housemates a hug and made her way out not until after she told IK she ‘thinks Zainab has the potential to win because she’s crazy’.


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