Young Ballers Music (YBM)

Young Ballers Music (YBM)

Hmmmn!! These new kids on the block are setting Lagos on fire ooh!! As the name implies, it is a music group of 3 (Mayor P, Beats By Jay & Illz) … Their first official unreleased single: ‘Shayo in my cup” is already gaining momentum… I can’t just wait for it to drop. I got a snap on these guys few days ago at their private studio in surulere!! After spending 10 minutes with them, my mind was made up : “They are the next big thing in 9ja music”… No Doubt.
‘Beats By Jay’, a pioneer member of the group is known for artistic craftiness in music production, He is highly favoured to win the ‘Best Young Producer’ category in the forthcoming Y.E.M Awards!! Y’all shud anticipate their official single!! 4 more info, contact them: @ThisIsMayorYBM: 22DD27B5, @beats_byJay: 235964B2, @Illz_YBM , @aneeta_says


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