Exclusive Interview with Upcoming Act- MAYZY

Exclusive Interview with Upcoming Act- MAYZY

Most of us have heard his banger ‘On Point’.. The fact remains that mayzy is an inevitable part of the future of Nigerian Music.. 9jaOlofofo caught up with him recently and he told us a whole lot about himself…….

What are your real names?
-Awoyale Oluwamayowa Tosin

Where are you from?
-Kwara state

How did you come up with the name ‘Mayzy’?
-Yeah, Mayzy is actually a combination of my name ‘Mayowa’ and dat of a friend that I did music with back then.

So, where is the friend now?
-Still doing music..the group couldn’t work out, so we had to break up

How would you describe your music and being an upcoming artiste in 9ja?
-I’m into hip/hop, and I mainly do dancehall with a little blend of rap…..As a Nigeiran act, I would say its a privilege doing it here with oda great peeps in d industry

How do you combine showbiz/music with your education? Cos we have heard of many artistes that drop out of school once they venture into music.
-*laughing* its not easy but we still pushing…I ve gotta get that degree and achieve my aim in the industry as well

Looking back at childhood, what was your first experience with music like?
-Sincerely, I couldn’t practice music as a child but I was deeply in music at that time…Started professionally a couple of years back

Tell us about the songs you ve done.. More projects you re working on and all.
-Successfully recorded two songs titled OLE and ONPOINT and I have also been featured in a couple of tracks…Would be dropping a new track soonest titled #GoDown

Personally I love that ‘on point’ track.. I ll have to give you kudos mehn..
-*laughing* Yeah thanks Bro.. Bless You.

You re welcome, what would you say have been your achievements so far in the music industry?
-i have recorded few tracks, worked alongside other artistes, gained little recognition from peeps around… Still hoping for the best though.. I know I haven’t gotten to my peak yet.

Talking about working with artistes, which other artistes have you done gigs with?
-i have done tracks with wilzyE, Laweezi, Dre-San and many others

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
-Wow, I see myself having my stand in the industry…having the surest fans around and all…*laughing*

How do you handle ladies? As a ‘celebrity to be’? Do you have a girlfriend?
– I treat em ladies right..I show everybody love like they show me…yeah I do have a girlfriend *blushes*
Make a shoutout.
-Yeah a big shout out to everyone supportn d movement/brand, to my record label ‘Uncensored Records’, to my loved ones..God bless y’all
It was really fun hanging out with You Mayzy. Thanks a lot Bro.
-You welcome G.. God Bless Y’all at 9jaOlofofo.


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