Jealous Husband murders wife, Hands himself over to the Police.

Jealous Husband murders wife, Hands himself over to the Police.

A 50-year-old Togolese man has been detained by the New Tafo-Akyem Police for allegedly murdering his wife after accusing her of infidelity. Yaw Avoke, unemployed, walked to the police
station to hand himself over after allegedly carrying out his diabolical act.

According to the police, Avoke reportedly used a heavy stick to hit the head of his wife, Akusi
Ajoda, 48, from behind, before inflicting multiple machete wounds on her at their remote cottage at Gyanse, near Osiem in the Fanteakwa District in the Eastern Region. He was said to have showed no mercy to the helpless woman, with whom he had seven children, also Togolese, who was preparing supper for the family about 7.40 p.m.

on May 25, 2012. According to the police, the suspect struck his wife down from behind and, after she had fallen down, used a machete to butcher her. While she was on the ground, she made several attempts to defend herself with both hands, while at the same time screaming for help, but Avoke was said to have used the machete to chop off both hands, rendering her incapacitated to defend herself.

According to the police, Avoke inflicted further machete wounds at the back of the Akusi’s head, her body, legs and arms and other parts of the body.

After killing her, he used fresh plantain leaves to cover the body and walked to the Osiem
Police Station to hand himself over to the police. Akusi had two children from her previous
marriage before marrying Avoke some years ago. The two had lived together with some of their
young children in their isolated cottage for some years until the suspect began complaining that his wife was flirting with another person, for which reason she showed him no respect.

The New Tafo-Akyem Divisional Police Commander, Assistant Superintendent of Police
John Yeboah, told the Daily Graphic that when a team of policemen was sent to Gyanse, it
found Akusi’s mutilated body and conveyed it to the morgue of the New Tafo Government Hospital. He said the suspect would be put before court on Monday

Some Men are so Cruel, But why should the woman be cheating in the first place?


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