Meet The Highly Rated Youngsters ‘KRYPTIC KIDS’

Meet The Highly Rated Youngsters 'KRYPTIC KIDS'

The Krypitc Kids are a group of three 17 years old boys, Akinsulie Kehinde (Brief Cabana), Kolajo John Adefiola (Sexy Jay)& Anifowoshe Michael Temitayo (Mizzle)
They are the rookies behind the ‘most anticipated’ mixtape at the moment titled ‘M.W.A.K (My Ways Are Kryptic)’
The group consists of two rappers and a singer, their style of music #Jambo (happy music) has been widely accepted by fans..
For them it started ‘like play like play’ when the boys performed in front of their peers back then, messing around & recording on their laptop after school.. This later led them to beleiving in themselves and what they could achieve with their talent… It gradually developed from being a hobby to being a ‘dream chase’.
Towards the end of 2011, krptic kids signed a label deal with ‘Rosey Records’ and since then they have gained more attention,publicity & experience and even performing alongside industry giants like: Tiwa Savage, Lynxx, Sauce Kid,Mo’cheddah,Davido,Orezi,Dammy Krane n co.. They have also rocked the stage on many notable events like: Dynamix pre-party, Lynxx and friends tour, unilag graduation dinners etc…
You would definately not be wrong referring to them as the ‘three musketeers of music’..
Believe me.. These upcoming youngsters would be an inevitable part of the future of Nigerian music..

9ja_Olofofo™ caught up with them on an interview a few days back and they told us a whole lot about themselves and their plans to storm the industry with a Bang!!!….

How did you guys come up with the name ‘Kyptic kids’?
-we got the name cos we believe everything we do is peculiar 2 us alone nd can’t be jocked (Copied), The original word “Cryptic” means something ‘hidden,mysterious’..

How did this (krptics) all start? Your beginning and all..
-we startd off as a rave club back in high skool(Kings College) and we called it Kryptic entertainment…then we realised we had a passion for music while playing around with a recording software on brieff’s laptop!! we took the songs to school and people liked them…we performd in various high schools till we met our current manager and thats how it all strtd!!

How do you combine showbiz/music with your education? cos I know you all are under-graduates.
-2 words…”God and determination!” its not easy but we’r doin good!

Tell us about the songs you guys have done.. More projects you re working on and all… What are we expecting from ‘kryptic kids’?
-well we’r releasin our mixtape soon called “Project#MWAK”(My Ways Are Kryptic) and we’r currently workin on the album with many big producers and features, so you all shoud just expect greatness.

what would you guys say have been your achievements so far in the music industry?
-so far all we can say we have achieved is ‘satisfaction’ cos this is what we have always wanted to do and the fact dat we are doing it together even makes it better!

Talking about working with artistes, which other artistes have you guys done gigs with?
-practically all the big names u can think of…wizkid,mohits,eva,sauce,Tiwa Savage nd a host of others..

You guys did a free style for Don Jazzy’s enigma right? What was behind it? How did it all come up?
-We were at the studio hanging out, heard about it…liked the beat nd gave it a shot! no big deal..

Where do you see ‘kryptic kids’ in the next 5 years?
-As a brand,a household name!we have big plans so jst keep yo fingers crossd

How do you guys handle ladies? As ‘celebrities to be’? Do you all have girlfriends?
-*laughing* we love all our female fans without them we’ll be nowhere…as for having girlfriends…let’s leave that for another day! Lol

Make a shoutOut to your fans out there..
– #JAMBO!! we love yall…keep supporting the movement and show the world your ways are kryptic!! #asantesana

That was it people… I really had a swell time hanging with those new kids on the block …… Y’all should anticipate their mixtape (Project M.W.A.K) dropping sometime this month!! And as they said ‘Keep showing the world that your ‘ways are krptic’ *wink* To download their tracks: Y’all can use these links:


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