SUPER-SUNDAY: 9jaOlofofo meets BossLady Ms. Chief

SUPER-SUNDAY: 9jaOlofofo meets BossLady  Ms. Chief

Y’all know her.. She needs little or no introduction.. She is BossLady as fans call her!! She is a fast rising upcoming act in the music scene.. Having done tracks with notable names like wizkid and the late Da’grin.. She gives us an insight on what to watch out for:

What are ur real names?
-Hassan Opeyemi

Where are you from?
-Ogun state,but a gidi girl to the bone *wink*

How did you come up with the stage name ‘ms. chief’?
-I didn’t have any name to give myself, so I decided to give myself ‘mischief’ since I was michievious and playful, then later a friend changed it to Ms.chief meaning bosslady cos I’m really good at rapping

How best would you describe your kind of music?
– I rap so by default my genre of music is hiphop,bt I love to infuse other genre of music such as pop n dancehall,and I also believe there is a little bit of “afro” in almost every nigerian artist’s sound.

Are you currently in school? Or you are doing music full time.
-I am actually a graduate of the university of lagos, Bsc Accounting,
Yes I am into music few tym,but also run a clothing line on the side,I have a thing 4 fashion too.

Tell us about the songs you ve done.. More projects you re working on and all
-I officially released ma 1st single last year titled “Wanting” I’m dropping a remix to that in a couple of weeks with notable female artists in naija featuring,
Last month, the track “that gal” featuring wizkid and “like friday” featuring the late dagrin was released, and we,beatbuxx360 entertainment are starting a major promo for both tracks soon. Beatbuxx360 (Ms. Chief,jberg,12gage n Acethaemcee) is gonna be dropping a mixtape titled “Recognize” later this year,I’m still tryina decide if I want 2 drop an EP though, *laughing*,but it has been requested for from my fanbase

what would you say have been your achievements so far in the music industry?
-I am still upcoming,but me being able to record a song with one of nigeria’s finest “wizkid” and also a late icon “dagrin” (which he couldn’t even cover before his death),inspires me to keep workin hard 2 achieve greater things.

Looking back at childhood, what was your first experience with music like?
-Started very young,started with a group called SYG,I was 16, the only girl and the youngest, I also used 2 hangout wif OJB n his crew at gbaja, recorded a song with one of his artist then ‘kesi’,
soundsultan mentored me for a while,gave me my first rap name “OP” meanin “on point”,I had to change the name cos it could also mean “off point” hehehe,then I went solo in 2006. Recorded ma first 2 songs produced by hakeem the dream n in 2007 dagrin n I recorded d song I jst released now. I joined Beatbuxx360 ent 2010 then recorded the song with wizkid about the time he dropped his “holla at ur boy”.. The rest is history.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
-*laughing*, sitting on jayz’s desk in def jamz.. In 5yrs all things being equal and by the grace of God,I wud be a household name,I would have my own record label.. I would basically be more into the behind d scene where the big cash is being made.

Hmmmn.. Yoruba babe with Ibo mentality..* laughing*
-you know as e dey go now *laughing*

*in wizzy’s voice* “Ms. Chiieefff you re up to something!!” … Hehehe!!


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